Archived Subscriptions

Archived Subscriptions
(And What sent them to the corner)

Pop Sugar

Price: $35/monthly discounts for longer subscriptions 
What it is: Hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. Full-size products and premium items
Link or Coupon Code?  Link 
Bunny Rating? Love it I signed up on 5/8/13 and got my first box on 5/18/13, 
Reason for being put in the corner: I canceled because it was a bit expensive and I wanted to try other boxes. 
May = $73 in product
June= Canceled

BeautyFix (No longer available)

Name: BeautyFix
Price: $49.99 a season
What is it: Makeup and Skincare samples. You get to pick your samples!!!
Link or Coupon code? Expired:(
Bunny rating / Status:  Love it!/ Shipped in 6 days! 
Reason for being put in the corner: Waiting on new items. Same stuff!
Reviews:  May =$202 in product

Love With Food

Name: Love With Food
Price: $10/mo 
What is it: Food
Link or Coupon code? Be a pall and support me by using this link if you decide to subscribe.
Bunny rating / Status: Bunny and Bear approved! Since 4/29/2013
ReviewsMay  =$10 value in trying new stuff, June= $7 +$50 gift card
Reason for being put in the corner: Taking a break to try other food boxes
What they could do better= I cant put my finger on it but something is missing. 

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