Friday, August 2, 2013

Toms Haul from zulily Review and Unboxing July

Recently, I found a great sale at for Toms which almost never go on sale. (Over) That post is found here. I was super excited to these two pairs of super cute shoes on the sale. Sadly I was also slightly scared because sometimes Toms' shoes vary in size which is really not acceptable. This is especially true when you purchase from zulily which does not accept returns. 

Anyways a few days ago I got my shoes. I wore the above shoes to work today and really enjoyed them. Although one person asked if I was wearing slippers. BUMMER! My boss was not all that impressed either. So I will probably not wear these at work although that makes me super sad because I mostly bought them for work because they cover my whole foot. Love the shoes though, they are soft and soooo comfy. 

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