Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doteable Dorm Duffel Review and Unboxing August

The idea behind doteable is that you are possibly a parent and are sending your cute little teenagers off to college and "phew", pat yourself on the back and say good job self. But although a lot of the hard work is done, college kids can still need some love and would benefit from pretty care packages. Just like how my mom still sends me soup when I am sick, we can all use some clean socks and undies at any age. I am soon to be a grad student and although I do not live in the dorms, I LOVED this box. 

Box: Doteable
What it is: A box/bag with undies, socks, razor, plus extras
Price: $15/month Mini Duffel -------or -------  $45/month Duffel

The duffel shown here is $45 a month and mine was compliments of Doteable. 

***Use the code BUNNY10 which gets you 10% off the first two months of a classic subscription (but does not apply to gift or mini subscriptions). The promo expires August 31st.

Command Poster Strips (Full Size) $2.69
I love these. If you are not in the dorms they are great for your stainless steel fridge or other places around the house that you do not want to scuff. I hate pin holes in the walls so these are a lifesaver. 

PaperPro Nano Miniature Stapler, 12 Sheet Capacity, Translucent Green (Full Size) $7.49
Perfect size and works really well. Love it! I can never seem to find staplers so I am very happy to find a perm home for this one. 

Post-It (Full Size) $1.25
Great for packing!

Pink Sharpie! $1.40
I love pink sharpies! How did they know!

Doteable Twist Hair Ties 3ct (Full Size) $6
The price of these varies but they are usually about $2 each. I love the colors they picked for me. 

Venus Razor (Full Size) $4.25
Always love more razors. This is my 2nd favorite. 1st being anything I can steel from my hubby:) Guy razors rock.

Adidas Socks 1 ct(1/3 of full Size) $4.66
This is my fave athletic brand. First pair of socks I have owned from them. I feel fancy now! Love these. Super nice!

Love how cute these are. xoxo AmericanEagle. I always buy my hubby their boxers when they go on clearance. 

I love the quality of this flowy shirt. Surprisingly comfy. I felt inspired.

The pretty shirt made me want to practice my ballerina impression. 

This is bear's reaction to my ballerina impression. Rawr

***Update: Bear discloses that this was not a face at my impression of awesomeness but a RAWR at me taking a picture of him. I stand corrected;)

Watch me open my bag for real!

Value: $76.24 plus lots of love. The shirt made me feel like a princess although I was probably the most excited about the pink sharpies. I LOVE pink. I feel the value of this bag was much higher than the monthly cost. The main benefit of this bag was how well it was curated. I am excited to see what they have coming in the future months as well! I highly recommend for any college kids in your life. :)

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