Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sephora Opi Haul

Sad news! Sephora and Opi are ending the glorious partnership of bringing us yummy nail polishes! Sephora plans to come out with their own line all by themselves to leave Opi alone to continue their beauty nail salon world domination. Personally I LOVE Opi. Probably just bias because every time I go to a salon its basically your only choice. But the color tends to last. I have not really compared Sephora Opi vs the regular brand so I do not know if the formulas are the same or different. What do you think? Nevertheless we won't be guessing for much longer because their happy love story is about to end. So the girls at Sephora said that they are really excited about the new line and that it will be gel like and hopefully will last a really long time. I personally do not like gel nails because they discolor and damage my natural nails. That being said I am still super excited to try the new line. 

Make sure to stop by Sephora to grab some Opi polish for $4.50 before it all sells out. AND ask if they have any samples or gifts with purchase:)

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