Friday, July 12, 2013

New Dessert Sub: Box OrangeGlad Review

I am so happy to get a Dessert Box! I mean who would not love yummy snacks sent in your mailbox so you do not have to drive all over town stalking bakeries? Well this is not just any subscription box, Orangeglad has amazing customer service! They even sent my box with ice packs so the chocolate would not melt. So far I am super impressed. 

The box measures 8.75” x 7.25” x 4”. Compliments of Orangeglad I was able to review the box today ahead of schedule.
On my video I mentioned its about $20 but here are the exact prices.  $15/mo +$6.95 S&H unless you use the coupon codes below. 

If you sign up by 7/31 you will be on the list to receive the August box. 

***For 10% off use code : "BWBUNNY" which will be active until 8/31/2013. This code saves you $2.29-$11.97 (depending on which plan you get).

Here is a picture of the massive ice pack! 

Alice's Stick Cookies taste like shortbread. SOOOO good. I really wanted to make a pot of coffee to have with these. So far in the box I was super impressed. 

Sweet Lydia's S'MOREs are amazing! If you watched my video review you see me falling back against the wall. These knocked my socks off. Probably my all time favorite treat EVER. And I am a huge sweets person so this is really saying a lot. Everyone you must try these. It should be on your bucket list because they are amazing and your life will not be complete until you try them. Period. 

The hand made pins are super cute.

LOVE the Fat Witch Brownie. It was yummy. I use to be a huge brownie person but I am moved on from that addiction now. That being said I still loved this one and am going to put it in the fridge and try it again to see if there is a difference. 

I have not tried the Yummes Complete Peanutbutterness yet because I do not like Peanut butter. However, I am going to get my brother to try it. Basically my whole family already volunteered because these look so tasty but he won and will get the pleasure of writing his own mini review. I will update later. 

Love love love the milk/dark chocolate from the Secret Chocolatier! It has toffee in the center and salt on top. What more could you ask for! The white chocolate also has salt on top. It was okay but I am not a fan of white chocolate. I am going to ask my brother to test it because he will give a more accurate opinion. 

Thank you again to OrangeGlad for sending me this box. It was AMAZING! Love you guys. 

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