Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NakedWines.com Review

I received wine gift cards for NakedWines.com in several different subscription boxes and thought I would give it a try. The gift card was good for $50 off. I am not sure but I think you have to buy a case so either 6 or 12 bottles at a time. I chose a 12 bottle case. You also have to be there when the case is delivered so I had it sent to my families house because I was at work. 

So for me $54.72 is not bad for 12 bottles! So far the first one I tried was super yummy. I will update the post as I go and leave feedback on how I liked them, although wine is really about personal taste and I do not think my feedback is overly helpful about wine. You really need to try it to see if you like it etc. 

So as far as Naked Wines go...I ordered and got the delivery 5 days later so that is pretty good. Then they gave me a $40 coupon as a thank you. I think its their way of trying to get you to keep buying. Anyways I am happy and thought I would let you know:)  

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