Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jewelmint Surprise Candle and Mystery Box Review July 2013

Recently I became a huge Jewelmint fan out of the blue. I don't know what it is but I am a sucker for a surprise box. So this was not a big shock to my husband when I got 3 shipping notices for boxes from Jewelmint in my email. First box arrived Saturday. I made happy skips to the post box and returned with a huge box o candles. I bought two for a normal price of $29.99 each but there was a promotion where you get 25% off. YAY here is what I got. 

The vanilla candle was burning much quicker than the lavender one so I added some of the lavender wax to it. They both smell amazing. They are going at the same rate now and I think it looks cool:) I was sooooooo happy when I got this bird cage/nest like ring. I was at the Olympics in Beijing and got to sit in the nest building and so this ring reminds me of that experience and thus I LOVE IT. I was thinking of buying it before but just didn't do it yet and so I am happy. 


The lavender candle smells really good. Sadly it decided to kind of explode in the mail. There was oily goo all inside the package which was a bummer. The other candle was perfect so this one is just special I guess. Also it was burning kind of slow and kept going out but I poured some way out and into the other candle as I said before and it is a happy little candle now. Not really little though these are huge and I LOVE THEM. Also I was a bit sad to get a duplicate in this jar. Especially since I specifically called customer service about another product that had broken and asked if I was getting any duplicates in my order. Although I do love this ring but I am not sure if I need two. I love love love the stacked rings below! However, one had a missing gem and another had a gem that was not seated straight. All of them looked a bit crooked like someone really didn't care. I feel sad because I love jewelmint but their quality seems a bit hit or miss. Thankfully I have had great conversations with their customer service reps so far and I am confident that they will at least try to make it up to me.

Overall I am quite pleased with my experience. Mystery boxes/candles are like a gift and I love giving myself little gifts. So for me despite a few mishaps I am still happy but do expect to get a high level of customer service and hope they continue to make things right. 

One last note. If you do buy from jewelmint know that it is a monthly subscription so you will be charged 29.99 if you do not skip. This has frustrated many customers so I thought I would remind everyone. Hope all is well:)

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