Monday, July 1, 2013

Jewelmint 8 Piece Mystery Box + Unboxing

I paid $49.99 for the 8-piece Summer Mystery Box minus a $9.99 store credit that was sent to my email as a lure to get me to buy more stuff. 

This is my favorite piece in the box. I really love the colors and I love the weight of this item. It feels like pretty good quality for costume jewelry. I am super happy. 

I let my hears heal up and so I don't wear earrings. Shocking I know! That being said my brother's girlfriend is a lucky girl because she doesn't know it yet but I have plans for these. I wish I could wear them. So cute! Also some people were complaining that this piece and its matching necklace are plastic painted to look with metal. I however, am a glass half full person and happen to think that the plastic is a nice feature for earrings because I would hate having heavy ones. Also its sometimes nice to have lighter statement necklaces too. 

This was probably my favorite piece in the box. I love love love it. So pretty. Please note it is plastic and feels like less quality than some pieces I have purchased from Jewelmint but I still love it. 

 I really really like the blue and pink pieces but the orange one is just okay. I will re-gift that part. The other two I love love love. I will wear them each by themselves or together. So excited to start wearing all of these pieces. 

This was my hubby's favorite piece in the box. Its funny because items like this are so pretty but I would never buy them for myself but I love it now that I have it. I love rose gold and I am happy to get this. I wonder what I should wear it with? Maybe a simple white top? Please comment below with suggestions. Thanks girlys:)

This piece was broken when I got it which was a big let down. I called customer service and at first they said that they could only replace it but then I called back again to confirm that the email confirmation with a charge was for info only and that I was not being charged again. Angela was so nice. I asked if there was anything else they could do for me because getting the jewelry replaced is nice but its still a hassle for me and I wanted to give them the opportunity to impress. She offered a $10 store credit that expires this month. That was so smart because I had my eye on a few pieces... So happy with Jewelmint's awesome customer service and +1 to Angela's awesomeness. Thanks!

I really like how classy this piece looks. Its super sophisticated looking and would look nice with a suit or a black and white outfit. Also I love how easy it is to put on this bangle because it had a magnetic closure. LOVE it!

I could not find these on their site. If you see them, link please:) $29.99?

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