Friday, July 26, 2013

Healthy Surprise Unboxing and Review July

Healthy Surprise starts at $33/mo. (Referral Link)
 The box includes a large selection of snacks that are: 
Gluten Free
Soy Free

Check out this video I found from the founder of the box: 

Hail Merry Macaroons in Strawberry (Full Size) $5
Love love love these macaroons! Favorite thing in the box. Soooo good. Perfect treat. 

Rawkin Spicy Beets $7.99
I really like these. They are not spicy at first and then bam yummy flavor. I can't eat a ton of these but like 1 or 2 hits my snack craving.

Just Tomatoes 1 oz (Full Size) $2.35
I was really surprised but these were one of my favorite things in the box. I loved how chewy they were and it was just enough food to really make me feel guilt free and satisfied. I was thinking of trying to make these myself but for 2.35 they are a great value and I will just buy them. 

Caveman Nuts 1.3 oz (Full Size) $2.29
These nuts were nice. I liked that they were not salted and all natural. Super good mix of kinds and flavors. I liked the size too because this would make a great snack for work. 

Veggie Chips 1 oz (Full Side) $1.32
I do not like these chips by themselves but they would be good with dip. 

Here is a link to a Garlic and White Bean dip that would be nice with these chips. 

Beanitos 1oz (Full Size) $1
Love love love these chips. They would be good with zip or about anything. They are also good by themselves. Just enough salt but not too much. Also my hubby LOVEs them. We will be buying these as our new main chip. Thank you!

Mashups Squeezable Fruit 3 oz (Full Size) $1.13
These taste like apple sauce. I don't really like apple sauce and Michael does but he was not a huge fan either. I think these would be a huge hit with kids though. 

Nibnaks Cherry Tart 1.4 oz (Full Size) $2.19
I love these. The almond, the cherry, the cranberries are so sweet and yummy. Perfect Snack. Yum! 

Gorge Delights JustFruit Bars, Pear Strawberry, 1.4 oz (Full Size) $1.50
These taste like a classy fruit strip. Love em. 

Just Great Stuff in Cocao + Acia 1.5 oz (Full Size) $1.69
These taste like a chocolate brownie. MMM Love them. 2nd Favorite thing in the box! 

Rawma Bar 1.7 oz (Full Size) $1.80
Tastes similar to the sesame and honey bars I sometimes eat. I like it. 

Final Value $28.26. Although this is a bit low for a subscription box I am still really happy with the thought and variety of this box. All of the items are healthy and I got some great ideas of things to bring to work and new staples for my life. So for me it was worth it. Although the value needs to be equal to the box for me to subscribe longer term so they need to work on that a bit. I am super happy with this box and highly recommend it. I think my parents will especially benefit from this box during tax season when everyone is so busy. What do you think? (Referral Link)

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