Saturday, July 27, 2013

HauteLook Summer Beauty Bag Review and Unboxing July

The HauteLook Summer Beauty Bag is no longer available:( I know sad day. But I wanted to do this review so you see how awesome the bags always are. People are sometimes mega downers and complain about the new bags because the older ones were slightly better but this bag is still amazing and I love that they show you the stuff ahead of time so you can make a good decision. 

Anyways, the bag was only $20 + Tax and Shipping. For me this is a great value because I had a couple items I knew I loved and the rest were brands that I was excited to try. 

Tan Towel Half Body Application by Look Better Naked 0.25 oz (1/10 of Full Size) $2.40
I am excited to try these. I use to hate tanning my legs but I love the look better naked brand and am happy to get products from them. 

'L'Ombre dans L'Eau' Eau de Parfum 0.06 fl oz  (2% of Full Size) $4
I am super picky with perfumes and only have 1 or 2 that I am in love with right now. This is a likable scent though. Its a cross between rose and black currant. I would describe it as the smell of a tomato garden. 

L'Occitane.Shea Butter Hand Cream 10ml (1/3 of Full Size) $4
I already own this hand cream and love it. This was actually my inspiration for buying the whole box! I saw the cream and was like okay I want that and the rest of the stuff will be fun too. 

Blow Prop Long Hold Finishing Spray 1.5 oz  (Full Size/ Travel) $6.95
I like the smell of this which is surprising. It is suppose to help with humidity so I might try that. 

LORAC Special Effects Mascara in Black (Full Size) $23 
I am waiting to open this since I already have an open mascara and I keep myself to one at a time so they do not go bad. But I am looking forward to trying it. 

Crown Brush 5 piece travel set (Full Size) $4.95
These are not amazing quality but that is fine for travel and I love having stuff that gets the job done but I won't cry when the TSA touches my stuff. Hands off man! 

Miracle 10 Alpha Hydroxy Cream extraordinary skincare 10 ml (1/5 of Full Size) $12.80
"Lactic acid and Vitamin E combine in a scientifically formulated rich emollient cream to effectively exfoliate dull skin. Rejuvenated skin will glow with renewed vitality and suppleness." 

Yay I love soft skin and I love getting skin cream in boxes woot woot. I am off to add more cream to my stockpile. *Hoarder* 

L. Erickson - Grab N Go Pony (Full Size) $10
I love the idea of having a compact for hair ties. I hopefully won't lose all of them now in my purse. YAY

NYX Lipstick in Vitamin (Full Size) $4
I love how hydrating this lipstick is. I almost consider it like a lip balm. I am really not a fan of this color though. Hopefully one of my friends will still want it even after I swatched it. 

Whish Orange Cream Body Butter 15ml (1/4 of mini size) $1.75
I really like the smell of this body butter its quite nice. Very fruity and maybe a bit overly sweet. However, I think that's perfect because the scent on most body butters wears off pretty fast so a little much at first will even out quickly and be perfect. These are on sale in a gift set at right now. I am tempted but will restrain myself.

LashFood Original Natural Eyelash Conditioner 0.8 ml (6% of Full Size) $8
I have another high end lash conditioner already open so I am waiting to try this one. From past experience it takes about 2 weeks to tell a difference. I already have pretty thick lashes so I might share this with a friend. 

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on Lip Pencil in Naked (60% of Full Size) $12
I really love that this pencil has vitamin E, jojoba oil, and cotton seed oil in it which is why it applies without feeling dry or chalky. Love it! I did not use to like lip pencils until I started trying better brands and this is one I love. 

Mirenesse Lip Bomb in orange (Full Size) $35
Sorry the picture was of the packaging so I borrowed one from their site. I askedy my hubby to take the pics and did a horrible job of explaining what I wanted. My bad. Anyways the lip color is bright orange. Obviously Mirenesse had tonz of this horrible color to offload and a sample box was a great way to do so. On the bright side this gives me a chance to try their formula without spending $$$. On the downside its such an expensive lip color that I do not want to swatch it in case I can find a new home for it. Sad day. Hopefully someone at work will love it. 


Total Value: $128.85 which is really good considering I spent about $30 for this box. That is over 4X the price of the box! 

Surprises are fun too so I always make myself wait and try to not look too closely at the bags. Anyways, I highly recommend snagging the next one you can get if you like makeup and trying new brands. I will post spoilers when the next bag comes out and a referral link so you can show me some love for sharing:) 

What did you think of your bag? What colors did you get?

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