Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodie Box Review and Unboxing July

Goodie Box is $7/ mo. They send you a large box of 5+ samples. (Not a referral link)

Cherry Lovers 2.75 oz (Full Size) $1.29
Gimbal's candies are peanut-free, tree nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free.
These taste just like jelly beans. I think kids would love them. I do not really let myself each that much sugar so they were a bit sweet for me and I hate that they have so much food coloring. Other than that they were pretty good actually.

COSMOS CREATIONS in Caramel 0.7 oz (28% of full size) $0.70
Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, Non-GMO Corn, No Kernels, No Hulls
These are super tasty. I actually like that they have no hulls because I love popcorn but I hate getting it stuck in my gums because that really hurts. Yay these make me so happy.

MULTI-SEED CRACKERS IN ORIGINAL 0.5 oz (11% of full size) $0.40
These taste fine. Not my favorite but they are not bad. I think they would be good with cheese.

The Better Chip in Corn with Salt 2 oz (Full size) $1.50
Non GMO, Gluten Free
These are too salty for me but I like them. Plus someone who likes stuff on the salty side would love these.

Fruit Water in Black Raspberry (Full Size) $2
This tastes like soda. I do not like soda because its bad for you and it upsets my tummy. I also do not like favored water because it usually has something bad for you to create the calorie free flavor. Not really a fan although there did not seem to be anything wrong with this one other than the food coloring. Meh

Total Value: $5.89 not bad considering I paid $7 for this box but not amazing either. That being said I am happy that the products were GMO free so it was worth it for me.

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