Monday, July 22, 2013

Conscious Box Review and Unboxing

I was a little lazy today and did not want to type out info for all of the many items in this box. So thankfully there is already a ton of info on the Conscious box website so I used that. Hope you don't mind. If you have specific questions, please leave a comment. Thanks! xoxo

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner
Over time, your water bottle can get dirty. Those hard to reach spaces encourage build up of yucky crud – spoiling taste and appearance. Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics is a simple way to clean your bottle. Chlorine free, non-toxic, biodegradable, and effective on all surfaces, Bottle Bright will remove stains from any bottle, bringing back a clean look and returning your cup to taste neutrality.

Eco-Gecko Wooden Cutlery
Planning some summer picnics? Ditch the plastic, petroleum-created cutlery and choose biodegradable, compostable, and 100% natural spoons, forks, and knives from Eco-Gecko. Made from birch wood, Eco-Gecko utensils are strong enough to tackle thick steaks, the crunchiest salads, and the coldest ice creams. Not only are these better for the environment, but they help prevent landfill waste, pollution, and the deaths of animals who mistake your plastic for food!

Ancient Minerals “Goodnight” Magnesium Lotion with Melatonin
Ancient Minerals is the leader for treating magnesium deficiency naturally. Try their magnesium lotion for an easily applied, rapidly absorbed and ultra pure source of magnesium. Not only with this help you combat symptoms of magnesium deficiency (such as loss of appetite, fatigue, and nausea), but with its added melatonin, it will help also help you get a better night's sleep.

Totlogic Gentle, Natural & Light Body Lotion
Eco-friendly, colorant free, naturally scented, and perfect for your little one, Totlogic Body Natural and Light Body Lotion gently hydrates and smooths skin. With all natural and healthy ingredients, Totlogic makes for a safe and effective lotion even us grown ups can use!

MRM Hydration Factor
Optimal hydration is essential for optimal health, and what's more important than the quantity of water you drink is uptake of water by your cells.. MRM 100% Natural Hydration Factor helps improve intracellular hydration and regulates thirst. Just mix with water and enjoy!

Adonia Bronzing Organic Self-Tanner
Using a time-tested, natural combination of 12 organic essential oils sourced from the Aegean eco-system, Adonia Bronzing Serum brings vibrance and color to your skin without the worry of an orange glow. Each ingredient has been micro-blended together, leaving you with a delicately applied and absorbed sun-kissed inspired bronzed tan.

Epic Dental Fresh Fruit Xylitol Mints
Sugar-free, Epic Dental employs the use of Xylitol, which dentists world-wide recommend to help stop and combat tooth decay. Fight cavity-causing bacteria simply, quickly, and naturally! Gluten-free and safe for those with diabetes or hyperglycemia!

Clif Bar Sierra Trail Mix Energy Bar
Clif Bar is an excellent alternative to the many “health” bars you'll find in your local supermarket. Made with organic oats and peanuts, Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, and non-GMO ingredients, Clif Bar is dedicated to making healthier, more ethical, and more sustainable nutrition more widely available. Plus, as members of 1% for the Planet, Clif Bar donates 1% of total revenue to environmental organizations making a difference.

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets
Sparkling clean dishes are at your finger tips! These completely biodegradable, phosphate-free dishwasher tablets from Ecover are the safe, natural solution for getting your dishes done without worry of exposing them to harsh chemicals or cleansers. Just drop in one tablet in your dispenser and go!

Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel
Made from certified organic bamboo, Bambooee’s Reusable Bamboo Towel is the sustainable alternative to your normal paper-towels. This one sheet can be used up to 100 times and 20 sheets equal an incredible 286 rolls of paper towels – wow!

Similasan 100% Natural Computer Eye Relief Drops
Achey eyes after a long day's (or night's!) work in front of the computer? Similasan Computer Eye Relief droplets are an all natural, sting-free solution to relieve and revitalize your eyes. Using just four simple active ingredients derived from the principles of homeopathic medicine, these droplets can help relieve symptoms like blurry vision, hypersensitivity to light, aches, eyelid spasms, and strained eyes.

KidsLac Sour Apple Kids Probiotics
Ever feel like your (or your little one's) tummy is upside down? It may be due to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. KidsLac helps balance out your immune system by introducing 5 different strains of healthy bacteria into the stomach! Support your natural defense system and reduce occasional digestive upset!

Hebron USA Kios DS Stomach Relief
Upset stomachs can ruin just about every day. Hebron USA Kios DS is a natural source of relief from stomach upsets, using plant-based remedies to treat gastric upsets and their symptoms. The active ingredient is sourced from the bark of the Brazilian Pepper tree, a time-tested remedy Take 1-2 tablets when you feel your stomach grumbling a naturally reduce the acidity of your stomach!

Good Nature Tea
Open your doors to Good Nature Tea. Grown in the mountains of Macedonia, Good Nature harvests the purest wild grown herbs and combines them with their organic teas or lush fruit blends. Brew yourself a cup and enjoy the pleasantly robust, full bodied flavor!

Last Round All Natural Hangover Support
Spending the night out on the town? Don't forget to finish your Last Round – an all natural hangover support drink that helps remove alcohol and detoxify your body, naturally. Shake well and drink after your crazy night! Your body will thank you!

Organic Flavrz Fruit Punch All Natural Liquid Drink Mix Energize
Add a burst of sweet, fruity flavor to your normal (boring!) bottle of water! Made with organic lemon, agave syrup, orange, and hibiscus, Organic Flavrz All Natural Liquid Drink Mix provides a deliciously simple boost of immune-system supporting nutrients and antioxidants. Go ahead! Make a splash into better health!

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