Monday, June 17, 2013

$5 Target Sample Box June 2013

 The Target beauty box was a one off offering to the first 20,000 purchasers. There may be more boxes in the future but that is still to be determined. Many people were complaining since there were similar free bags in the past but I am quite happy with what I received. Also I feel this box is a much higher value than the free bags were but both are fun.

$3 off $15 coupon at target.

Venus & Olay 5 blades(Full Size) $10.99
I currently use my hubby's razor. Guy razors seem to be much higher quality to me but I will give this a try.

Effaclar Duo (13% of full size) 4.65
This is an acne treatment. What I hate about trying small foil packets of these is that usually my skin breaks out when I try a new one and its not enough product to see if its going to work after that initial adjustment stage. 

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic B.B. Cream, Light, 0.025 oz (2.5% of full size) $0.13
 This is a super small sample but at least it will let me know if this color is light enough for me.

Fekkai Glossing Cream Hair Products 2 Oz (Full size) $7.10
Full size nice! I am looking forward to trying this. 

Salon effects in Queen Cobra (Full Size) $4.69
I have been really really really wanting to try these. For some reason I did not realize you could get them for $5 on Amazon and thought they were more in the 8-12 range. For $5 I will probably buy these again if they turn out well. Funny how 3 bucks can make a big difference in my paint buy decision;) Haha see what I did there mmm puns.

 Total Value: $30.56 Not bad I really feel like I got my money's worth. Super existed to see if Target opens up a subscription in the future. Although I was a little sad that it took longer than the 4-6 weeks promised to ship but only by about a week so thats okay.

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