Friday, June 14, 2013

Love With Food Box June

Love With Food is $12 a month and you get a wide selection of food samples.  

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$50 promo card to

PUR gum Pomegranate Mint (Full Size) $1.41
The gum tastes good but the favor does not last that long and it made Bear and I feel sick for an hour after we chewed it.

Go Natural Organic candies in Blood Orange and Apple (Sold by half pound) $0.20

Surf Sweets Fruity Bears .5 oz (18% of full size)$0.32
I am not a huge sugar person so this was a hard sell. Surprisingly I thought the sugar crystals had a nice texture and added a nice crunch. I think kids would really like this product.

This water enhancer tastes like sweet tea which is fine. I have heard some bad stuff about agave lately though so I will not be buying it. I will stick with lemon.

Smooze Fruit Ice Mango (Full Size) $1

Seaweed Love Original (Full Size) $0.72
I find this seaweed super tasty. Just enough salt.

Do more Bar Pineapple Coconut (Full Size) $1.69
 I love this product. Its a bit sweet but it taste just like a mango rice crispy treat. YUM!

SoyJoy Mango Coconut (Full Size) $1.04
This is yummy it is the texture of a fig newton but tastes like a mango cake. I might not buy it buy I enjoyed trying it.

Turbana Plantain Chips $0.44

Total Value: Although the food total is $7.57 ish + $50  wine card that, the value is higher for me because I calculated the value based on the % of the full size item. Smaller packages are always more expensive per oz. Also its just fun to try new stuff. What do you think of Love with Food? I am thinking of upping my subscription.

***Be a pall and support my site by using my referral link if you sign up.  

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