Friday, June 21, 2013

Ipsy Review June

Right now Ipsy is one of my favorite subscriptions. They always have fun, new, and exciting products and I am really happy that I subscribed. Also at $10/mo they are a very affordable splurge. Basically as long as you like 1 out of the 5 items its worth it. Here is what I got in June:

JCat Eye Lashes (Full Size) $3.99
Love it that I got these. I have been dying to try some lashes but I would never buy them for myself...such a couponer. Yay

Jcat Sparkling Cream Palette (Full Size) $4.49
I thought this was an eye shadow from the spoilers but its not. Its a body glitter but for me it will be art glitter...meh not a fan. I would rather get pretty much any other beauty item.

Yay I actually do not have any pink lip liner right now. I needed this!

Caitlyn Eye Liner (Full Size) $21
This is my all time favorite eye liner and probably my all time favorite makeup product. It totally changes the look of my face when I wear dark liner; I love it! 

NYX Cream Blush (Full Size) $6
I was excited to try this but its way too dark for me. Not sure what to do about that....

Total Value: Would be $47.48 but I don't count the glitter because its a bit stupid and I am not 12. Sorry but no. If this was a eye shadow that would be different....My value $42.99. Still an amazing month for me and yay. 

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