Thursday, June 20, 2013

Green Grab Bag June Unboxing and Review Part 1 & 2

Green Grab Bag sent me one of their surprise boxes to size up and I am super excited to do this review. If you have not heard of them, Green Grab Bag is a sample subscription that lets you choose between building your own box and being surprised. With the surprise box you receive 6 samples for $15. In the custom box there are 3 levels ranging from $15, $25, and $35 depending on the number of samples you select. The products are vegan or organic and are often cruelty free which I LOVE. Save the bunnies:)

This is a 2 part review starting with my unboxing and now updated with product information. 

You can sign up for Green Grab Bag Here: 
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Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion.  guessing .2 oz (about 10% of full size) $2.80
This is a gentle moisturizer. I like the packaging. It apparently uses less plastic and is recyclable. This product is also cruelty free and 82% organic! I was not a huge fan of the hibiscus smell but I am looking forward to trying other scents from this brand because the formula made my skin super soft.

pldbody Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub .5 oz (Travel Size) $3.69
I am super excited to try this because I have been needing a lip scrub. Also healthy products are always important but it is especially noticeable when you are putting chemicals near your lips so I love the natural ingredients they use. I love that this lip scrub has little bits of lemon zest in it. It worked really well and left my lips both exfoliated from the sugar but also hydrated by the oil.

Soap Revolt Body Oil .025 oz (Sample Size) $3
Love the smell of the ylang ylang. I am going to try using this as a lotion for after a shower. I got a new razer from one of my boxes that left a slight razor burn on my legs! I smoothed a bit of this oil all over my legs and they felt soothed and very nice to touch. I immediately felt relief from the razor burn and noticed that oil works way better than lotion! Wow this is amazing. The scent was a bit strong for me but I will probably buy another scent from this brand. Love it!

Paper Doll Minerals So Cheeky! Blush (Sample size) $1
I love these mineral blushes! So excited to try this for work tomorrow. I really love this blush. Its the perfect color for my skin tone and if I want it darker I just add a bit more. Love love love it!

bodyBrana Strawberry Face Toner 10 ml (Sample Size) $3.75
I was just talking to my mom about how great spray toners are and they sent me one!!! YAY. This is one of my all time favorite products. I love spray toners and I really love the scent. This is my new go to toner.

DeeVoo Radiant Moisturizer 0.5 oz (25% of full size) $5.50
I love the smell of lavender so I am really happy to get this sample. I am going to start using it tonight. Of the two moisturizers they sent me in this box this is my favorite. It has a really nice lavender scent and also hydrates well. I love the packaging its in a bottle instead of a tub and its a soft plastic so it comes out easily. 

Total Value is about $19.74. This is give or take because if a sample size was available for sale I used that price but on some products no size was listed so I guessed. Although I have seen some super Value vs Purchase price ratios on other sample boxes sometimes that is a bit misleading because some of the products you may not use. I am super excited and plan to use every product in this box so overall I am very happy with the value I received.  Not bad since I would have paid $15. Also note if you buy samples individually you also pay for shipping too. I was just thinking that in some cases yes I could reach out to these etsy sellers directly but Green Grab Bag is providing me a great service. They are doing the research on the eco, organic, vegan, and cruelty free brands and then use economies of scale to keep shipping costs down. I am so happy with this box.

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