Monday, June 3, 2013

Dr. Scholls Gel Insoles for Women review

Bzz Agent sent me some nice Dr. Scholl’s Gel massaging insoles for Women. They are called “Outrageous Confort”. I wore them in my super unconfy work shoes. I hate my work shoes. They are pretty ugly. I was trying to copy the manlike shoes with the tassels because I wanted to be accepted by all the men folk. My plan sorta backfired, although the shoes look professional they are starting to wear and will get replaced soon. In the mean time until I can find a replacement the gel sole inserts helped a lot. My only problem is that I need to remove the rest of the sole so they fit without crowding my feet. The gel seemed to help a lot. Some days one foot would hurt at the end of the day and not the other so I knew my shoes were lame. Now with the insoles I find that I can handle getting through the whole day with one pair of shoes and not switching. Today I wore them all day and had to walk all over creation for this super fun meeting...not. Anyways I am not normally a fan of inserts because they take up too much room but I discovered if you rip out the old soles it helps. The 2nd day with these foot loving friends and I am going strong. Lets see how long they hold up. Will keep you posted:) Have you ever gotten anything sweet from Bzz Agent?

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