Monday, June 3, 2013

Beauty Fix Review and June Price Guide

The bag: $49.99 pick 8 items + free bag and then they ship to you **

I love the beauty fix box and I think it’s perfect for first box to try if you have never purchased sample boxes because you get to pick what you get. There really is a wide variety in options when you are picking out your box so I thought I would help and list out the values and ratio to the full size item. I don’t know about you but I have a hard time knowing if .1 fl oz is a good sample or not. As you probably know it really varies based on the type of item. Eye creams tend to be tiny vs a shampoo or hair spray sample. So to help you out I looked up the full size amount for all of the current offerings in the beauty fix box and compared them to the full size. Hope this helps. So what did I find out? If you want the highest dollar value box it comes in at a total of $329.09. Not bad for $49.99! 

Did I follow my own guide? No not really. I just picked the brands that I have wanted to try and did not pay attention to the price. Sometimes I like less expensive brands because I feel less guilty when I buy them again. Know what I mean? I highlighted what I chose below. Which have you tried?

*Bunny selected in May box

3LABM Crème 0.38 oz (19% of full size) $51.30

Cures By AvanceAge Defyer Eye0.5 oz (Full Size) $50

*ExuvianceRejuvenatingTreatment Masque 2.5 oz (Full Size! $39

B. KaminsNia-StemMoisturizer KX 15ml (30% of full size) $37.29

Perricone MDVitamin C Ester15 Deluxe 0.17 oz (25%? Of full size) $30

*Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 4 oz (Full Size) $29

SnowberrySmoothing EyeSerum 0.25 oz (50% of full Size) $26.50

EminenceLip Plumper -Cinnamon Kiss 0.25 oz (Full Size) $26

PhytomerHydra OrginalThirst-Relief Melting Cream 0.5 oz (31% of full size) $23.59

DDFAmplifying Elixir 0.5 fl oz (25% of full size) $22.06

Peter Thomas RothLashes To Die ForMascara 0.17fl oz. (72% of full size) $15.80

*BeautyfixQuilted VanityCase – Black (Full size) $15 ---This is your bonus item

SkinMedicaAge DefenseRetinol Complex 0.25 oz (25% of Full Size) $13.75

DDFAcne ControlTreatment 0.5 oz (29% of full size) $13.50

Jane IredaleLipDrink SPF 15 0.18 oz (Full Size) $12

GuinotGommage Biologique.49 oz (30% of full size) $11.63

ARCONACranberry Gommage1 oz (15% of full Size) $11.20

Sonya DakarHydrasoft Lotion –Maintenance 0.25 oz(14% of full size) $11

Sonya DakarHydrasoft Lotion –Discoloration 0.25 oz (14% of full size) $11

Manna Kadar CosmeticsBronze Beauty 1 oz (25% of full size) $8.75

PhytomerHydracontinueMoisturizing Body Milk 1.6 oz (19% of full size) $8.57

BlissTriple OxygenPlus C Energizing Cream 0.5 fl oz (15% of full size) $7.94

CellCeuticalsCerActive ActiveMoisture and Barrier Repair Skin Treatment 0.33 ml  (0.6% of full size) $0.27 –I think this is a typo they probably meant .33 oz which would make it a much better sample and more similar to the picture and worth $7.80

CoTZFace Natural SkinTone SPF 40 0.5 oz (33% of full size) $6.67

Foot PetalsTip Toes 2 (33% of full size) $6.31

M LABAnti-Aging Sampler (Size not listed) about $5

M LABSample Box  (Size not listed) about $5

XEN-TANDeep Bronze LuxeMini 1 oz (13% of full size) $5

BatisteDry ShampooOriginal 1.6 oz (Travel Size) $4

Juice BeautyStem CellularRepair CC Cream 0.17 oz (10% of Full Size) $3.90

AmLactinUltra HydratingBody Cream 1 oz (20% of full size) $3.26

VichyPurete Thermale3-in-1 One Step Cleanser 1 oz (15% of full size) $2.91

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