Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whole Foods Haul

We went grocery shopping. Exciting I know! So I thought I would do a different type of haul article. Here are some of my favorite foods. Bonus points if you can tell me which Whole Foods I shop at.

Bear's favorite dairy products.

Top left- These are my favorite kale chips. I could not decide between zesty nacho and the ranch when I was in the store. One of the workers just happened to be on the isle and was like well there is one way we can find out! And he opened the bag for me. Bear and I tasted a couple pieces. Ranch was good but Nacho is AMAZING. So I bought two nachos. *Guilty Face* Anyways so the bag actually doesn't have cheese in it but you never would have guessed. They use nutritional yeast which has a distinct cheese flavor. AMAZING. So yeah all you hippys who like being vegan and are missing out on the amazing that is cheese can at least have some yummy kale.

I have not tried this brand of Chia seeds or the trial mix yet (middle). I will update the post with my thoughts.

Right- Bear wanted to try the cereal so he will keep us posted.

Bottom Left- Chiarezza is from my Celebration of Food Festival 2013 at Lynnwood Convention Center post. These are my new favorite cereal but Whole Foods and PCC don't carry them yet. I want them to but I also am willing to try making it myself. Thus the Chia seeds and trail mix. We will see.

Hemp hearts are sold at Whole Foods but I got these for free at the Celebration of Food Festival 2013 at Lynnwood Convention Center event.

We have been stuck on a $50 Pinot Noir which is a bit much for every day use. Lets find out if we can tell the difference with this $4.99 bottle.

I am getting Mexican food for lunch tomorrow and am planning to have my own guacamole for dinner. Directions: Combine! Drink!

More pictures to follow but I love putting brie on these crackers with a drop of the fig spread. It will change your life! This is also good with a drop of honey. The one below is not from Whole Foods but I got it at a local Washington farmers market and its the best honey I have had. 

I have a problem with chocolate. That is the first step right?-Admitting you have a problem. Well I do and it may or may not cause a hospitalization at some point in my life from overdose. Is that possible?

Well anyways I have tried MANY chocolates in my day. Aka every chocolate at the drugstores, supermarkets....yeah all of them. This is my all time favorite with Theos being a close second. Lets just say I did not bat-an-eye at the $4+ price tag per bar because I just ran out of 8.82 LB bulk bag of mini bars and was needing a fix. This chocolate is creamy, not too sweet, and has amazing values. I first tried it at a coffee tasting at PCC and was so impressed by the small samples they had that I went home and bought a case!

Enough said. Buy it. Love it. Or be forever with mediocrity.

The rest of the pictures are of FREE SAMPLES. Did you know that Whole foods gives out free samples? No neither did I. You just go to the beauty counter and politely ask for some love. The tea bags above look yummy and were free to try.

MMM special butter. Just what I needed. Muahhahaa. Bear just made a happy face. Well I will be using this as lip moisturizer. I saw another lip balm brand actually started this way and I thought I would try it.

I have never heard of Weleda and would have never tried their products by just buying them. I am excited to try these. I will update with reviews later.

Sweet a shampoo to try and a cleanser.

I tried one of these magnesium drinks before and it made me nauseous. I will try this but in smaller amounts then recommended. I think it was a user error. I like the idea of this product because I hate water. Lets say that again. I HATE boring old plain water. I need some yummy distractions in order to get it down.

What did you think of my haul? Do you like these types of articles?

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