Saturday, May 18, 2013


Popsugar is a lifestyle box. That contains fun stuff that I usually can't justify buying for myself. So this is kinda fun. Its $35 a month so a bit on the more pricy side. However, there are a few coupon codes right now.
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Yay I wont get burned in the pretty sun. Thank you hubby for your cute man hands holding this for me.

Modern Margarita mixer set – Price Varies about $10
This is what I have planned to do today:)

Meh I actually kinda enjoyed reading these, however, its not really coffee table material. I recommend reading once and then gifting.

The Original Beauty Blender and BlenderCleanser  (FULL SIZE)- $24
Can you say Christmas? I love that they sent me this. I have been hearing all this good stuff about beauty blenders but I did not want to shell out 22 bucks at the mall for one. So yay I get to try it. Super excited. So directions. Apparently what you do is first soak it in water or run it under the faucet and then squeeze out the water. The idea being that spunges soak stuff up so if it already has some water in it, then it will drink up less of your makeup. Ok good to know. Then you like dab off any remaining water with a towel. Then apply makeup to your hands and apply or use the spunge with makeup on your hand like a painters pallet. Then you use the sponge to buff out all the makeup and ta-da its streak free. Wow thats kinda cool. I will have to try this. Bah I just learned that brushes are better than hands and they are making me change again? Its a trap.

I really like this color. I thought it was going to be too dark but its pretty shear and I really like it. Beside it comes in the cutest little tube with pretty gold and pink on it. LOVE IT.

$30 off Charm & Chain giftcard – To me this is worth less than $30 because they do not have products for that price. So I am not counting it.

Way Better Snacks - $1.25
Yummy I really liked these. I will be buying them. You cant taste the sweet potato. MMM in fact I am making guacamole and margaritas today!!!

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Total Value to me: $73 +30 discount card

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