Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nordstroms Haul TOMS Shoe!

Lets get some shoes, lets get some shoes, lets get em!

I can't believe I have not tried Toms shoes yet. I looked at the soles and assumed they were super uncomfortable. I was wrong! There is just enough arch support for my cute little feet to be happy. Also these breath. I hate it when my feet feel stuffy. Wearing these today and loving them. I like the color statement. The picture doesn't do these justice the color is a bit more bright pink and less salmon. Anyways if you want them you can get them at Nordstroms for $58. Kinda spendy but Toms donates a pair of shoes to someone in need which is awesome. Also just so you are aware many time people donate clothes to other countries on mission trips or when they are in the peace-core etc. My experience has been that people can make clothes and they are usually attainable. Not always but usually. Shoes wear out so people seem to be less likely to donate them. My point is that if you have extra shoes and are going on one of those trips to a less fortunate country, leave some of the extra personal items and take some shoes! Ask your neighbors for their old items as well. This small act can make a big difference for people who walk way more than we do. Just some thoughts. 

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