Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love with Food May + Just pay $2 first mo

Super excited to try this. Saving it for a trip I am taking in a couple weeks.

Latte Candy by Bali’s Best ($0.10)
I am not really a hard candy person. But as soon as I tried the first one of these I had to try the other one. It’s a soft center. Super yummy.

Have not tried this yet. 

Original Cajun Seasoning by “Slap YaMama” (Small $)
8oz is $3.50 so in a way you saved some money with the small sample.

These would make a really good garnish for a soup. The product is kinda like those freeze dried strawberries we all love. But these are not freeze dried they are just specially dried. Plus it gives you 25% of your daily needed Vitamin C. MMM I felt healthy eating these.

I think this cookie was too sweet. The first ingredient was brown sugar. But then again my bear and I have been weeding out sugar from our diet so we are a bit picky. Most people would probably not mind.

Strawberry Pineapple Crunch by Mrs.Mays ($1.45)
Yummy plus Bear liked this too. I might actually buy this one.

Strawberry Preserves by Bonne Maman ($1)
My bear liked this because it was Strawberry flavored. What else can you ask for? Its bear approved.

What I really liked about this box is the small sized items. I can get just enough to try an item and not feel bad throwing it away if I don’t like it. I hate buying a Costco size item just to hate it and know they will throw it away if I return it. Its not just the fact that its wasteful but I feel bad for the hassle for everyone too. So yeah sometimes I won’t buy something just because of that. So this box is a great value for me if nothing else but because its guilt free. Yes the value is not sky high like some of the makeup boxes but they are all things I am glad I tried. Total value came in just around the purchase price of

If you want to try Love with Food please be a pall and use my referral link. Right now you can use the code “FBGIFT” to get your first box for FREE (Just pay $2 shipping). This is how I got my box. I paid $2.

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