Monday, May 20, 2013


The two pieces I selected are normally $29.99 each but I got a coupon code to get the 2nd one free. This is what I got: 

I really like the quality of the boxes that the jewelry comes in. Its a nice touch.

I work at Boeing so I though this plane would be super cute.

This piece was free. I like how simple it is. I think it would be a nice accent for a lot of outfits.

What I love about Jewelmint is that a lot of the pieces are heavy and high quality. The plane is a lot larger in person than how it looked online. I actually really liked this and was pleasantly surprised.

What have you purchased from Jewelmint? Is it worth the monthly subscription? I am still on the fence and am worried there will be pieces that I am not in love with. I do not want to end up with a huge collection of jewelry that I can't use. I hate re-gifting things that are so personal because I don't want someone to keep something just because they feel obligated.

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