Monday, May 6, 2013

House Party! REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party

When I first signed up for house party I had my doubts. I at first assumed it was one of those sites where you apply to rate a product and never get chosen or that the reward for surveys was too small to be worth your time. Boy was I wrong! 

Getting Chosen: 
I first applied for the following parties to host: 
Jan '13 --- Own’s™ You Glow Girl 2 House Party  ---Not Chosen
Jan '13 --- Duck Dynasty "Ducked Out" House Party ---Not Chosen
Jan '13 --- Meet Simple® and Celebrate MAKERS: Women Who Make America ---Not Chosen
Feb '13--- HP Wake Up Your Walls House Party ---Not Chosen
Feb '13 ---REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party- CHOSEN!!!!

YAY they picked me!!!

What happens next:
I was given another survey to confirm that I was interested and was required to send out a party invite to at least 12 guests within 30 minutes of the invite. I then started party planning and sent out invite emails to my friends.

Two days before the party I got this in the mail:  

What I got : 7 LBS of makeup, magazine, and 2 books = Value is well over $100. 

Results: We had a great time at the makeup and magazine party. I served a chocolate flavored red wine, various cheeses, and some bacon wrapped dates. Everything was a hit. Man that bacon was good I need to do that again. So here are the reviews:

1. L'OREAL Miracle Blur $20 -
I think this product makes a pretty good sunblock. I liked that it has a matte finish unlike most sunblocks. The product also claims to smooth out wrinkles. Although I did notice that it did this on my hand, I dont really have any lines on my face so I didnt see a big difference. However, I did give a bottle to my mom so I will let you know how she likes it.

2. Age Perfect BB Cream $16.50
This product about one shade too dark for my skin. 

3. L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain, Lilac Ever After 185 (Purple) 0.21 fl oz (6.2 ml) $10I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stain. Its the perfect color for one of my favorite sweaters and I really like the fact that it looks good when it is glossy but also when it wears off the stain is still there.

4. L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain, Lilac Ever After 190 (Red) 0.21 fl oz (6.2 ml) $10
This gloss color doesn't look as good on me and I wasn't a big fan. However, it still has all the benefits of the other stain, just not my taste.

5. Colour Riche Nail Colors $5. 
I really liked these nail polishes. I used the light pink and white to do a french tip free hand. So far they have lasted 4 days without chipping even after I was a bit hard on them while de-podding some eye shadows! I was actually surprised to get such a good polish for 5 bucks. I would compare these to brands like OPI. All that being said yes I loved the quality of the polish, some of the colors were a bit boring. L'OREAL please pick prettier colors! Okay okay they arnt that bad. But seriously if you want to compete with brands like OPI use less pastels and more pretty jewel tones. 

So in the end my experience with Houesparty has been great. Hope your application is accepted if you try:)

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