Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BLUSH BOX Review April

Blush Mystery Beauty Box III Price: $24.95 a month ($34.95 one time) This box is advertised as containing $100 worth of beauty products but I got more than $253 in mine! 

***See end for referral code if you want to save $10 off $30 to get the monthly box you could just add something else small to your cart.

Tendu Hair Treatment Mask ($60 Value) Full Size
Bunny Rating:<3 <3 <3
Comments: Left this product in my hair over night then washed it out and used a shampoo but no conditioner. My hair was noticeably less frizzy and felt really soft. LOVE IT!

SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer – .25 oz Value $6.75

Senna Lash Fortifier X – .16 oz Value $10
I have tried other lash fortifiers in the past that leave my lashes crunchy and make it hard to apply mascara. This one is awesome it left my lashes soft enough that my mascara didn't clump at all. Senna FTW!

Intense Recovery Treatment – FULL SIZE Value $130

Bunny Rating:<3 <3 <3
Comments: Apply product after a face scrub. WOW this product smells amazing. Its a cross between chocolate and coffee. New favorite smell of all time. Its that good! Also this product did not upset my skin at all. This might be my new face treatment that I keep in the mix.

Paula Dorf Lip Liner in Sultry – FULL SIZE! Value $20
I like this lip liner. It stayed on all day and bended really well. 

Bastiste Dry Shampoo – Travel Size Value $4
I like this product a lot. It comes out white and will leave a line if you have dark hair but thats not an issue. What you do is spray it on the desired patch of hair then grab a brush or comb and run it through your hair.  If there is a super white spot just rub it with your hand until it disparates  It worked really well for me and I have super dark hair.

blush Cream Eyeshadow Azure 3.5g NET WT. / 0.12 OZ Price???
Could not find this product on blush's website. Have you seen it? about $8
I really liked this product. I read some negative reviews online and yes I would not use it as an all over eye shadow but I tried using a super small about to highlight the corners of my eyes and it looked quiet cute.

Skin Veil Bottle - S102 (Fair), S104 (medium tan), and S105(medium) trial size value - $6
Savings these for travel.

This did not look good on my skin. Meh.

Firmarine Night Cream Trial Size foil packet (0.07oz.) $9
Saving this for a raining day. Not a fan of the blue color they added to this cream. I wish people would stop adding fake dye? Seriously is that helpful? Sorry but if this was a more natural product I would have been less frustrated.

Final Thoughts: My Box arrived with $253.75 worth inside. I highly recommend this box. 

***Also if you want to try the box post your email in the comments and I will send you a referral code that gives you $10 off $30.  To get the monthly box you could just add something else small to your cart. I need an actual email address for this to work because I submit the request onto blushes' website. You can also send the request to my email and I will send you the link.


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