Friday, May 10, 2013

BeautyFix Box Review (No longer available)

BeautyFix Box is provided by Dermstore. Its normally $49.99 but I found a coupon code bringing it down to $19.99 for my first box. Each season they pick out up to $400 worth of beauty items and then you go and pick 8 that you love. I got my box only 6 days after I placed my order! 

AdvancedPlump N Thick Thickening Styling Mist 8fl oz. (Full Size) $24.00

This stuff smells really good. I like how it works. I use this a lot as one of my go to hair sprays.

Nailtiques Hand conditioner 4oz (Full Size)13.99
What I really love about this product is that I am not “scared” to love it. Many lotions I try are amazing but the companies are also very “proud” of their products. This lotion works great on my hands and also isnt too pricey  I tried this on during my video because my hands have been cracking and I have been loading on lotion all day. This one is great, not too oily. I am going to keep using it.

Illuminants+Face-Hand-Body Lotion (1 fl oz. ) $12  Trial Size=1/6 normal size

A skin-illuminating moisturizing cream for the face and body. Contains A kojic acid, bearbery and vitamin C complex encourages regeneration, lightening dark spots and overall discoloration. This is the lotion that has the stupid packaging. There are many different fonts and it’s a bit busy. Just saying. I really love that this product not only  claims to be fragrance free but actually is. I cant smell anything. Tried some and will let you know if it works for me.

Jurlique's Herbal Recovery Gel 0.5 fl oz $25 = half of full size
This product claims help because it firms, hydrates, and revitalizes the skin to minimize the visible signs of aging. With its rich infusion of herbs and precious plant oils, this expert treatment will bring out your skin's most youthful glow. My experience with it has been amazing. Just now I put some on my neck because I noticed that people wrinkle first on their necks and eyes. So I ignore my neck because I don’t think about wrinkles but maybe I should. Anyways, my skin feels super hydrated but it ended with a matte finish and does not feel oily. Plus I smell awesome, its like yummy herbs. Bear said I smell good! Apparently, this stuff has no, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, or petro-chemicals. Well that’s great. I think im in love!

OxygenetixOxygenating Moisturizer 1.0 oz ($51) not full size but almost

This is a a hydrating, oxygen-rich, breathable moisturizer. Probably to make your skin moist and well oxygenated.

This mask is suppose to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and shrink pores. It has Vitamin A, C, E and Pro Vitamin B Complex moisturizer. I just like the smell. I will keep you posted if it works. 

I have never used a finishing spray before because I have always worried about using it wrong and messing up my makeup. Apparently Skindinavia also makes a spray for Urban Decay  Super excited to try this.

Update: I love this finishing spray. I am a bit biased because this is the first one I have tried but it works really well. I spray a couple times 7-12 inches from my face and then fan my face for a second. Love how long this stuff makes my foundation last in summer!

So normally I use just bronzer as a blush. However, now I have been trying to contour with a bronzer and then highlight with a  blush. I will probably use this product as a highlighter. Would look cute over/under a blush. Will try this out.

Update: Love this product as a blush alone or with some bronzer for a contour. It is amazing! Just AMAZING! I will probably buy it again and thats saying a lot considering how many blushes these boxes keep sending me. 

 Total value $202. The value of this box could have been a bit higher if I had picked only full size items. However, I just picked based on things I wanted to try so I am really happy with what I got. For me this was a great value because I wanted to try some new lotions and a blush. I will defiantly be buying this box again in the future. 

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