Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free $50 Starbucks Gift Card!!! --Nextdoor.com

There is a new social network in town that is worth looking into. Nextdoor, a private social network for neighbors, is offering a Free $50 Starbucks Card to you when you refer friends to join.
What to do:

If you refer a friend to start a new Nextdoor website in a different neighborhood than yours, you will both receive a $50 Starbucks card when they launch their new Nextdoor website with 10 verified members!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whole Foods Haul

We went grocery shopping. Exciting I know! So I thought I would do a different type of haul article. Here are some of my favorite foods. Bonus points if you can tell me which Whole Foods I shop at.

Celebration of Food Festival 2013 at Lynnwood Convention Center

Sorry for the delay this event happened last week. I thought I would post some of the highlights. Basically the event consist of about 70 booths from places like Whole Foods, Smith Brothers, and many other lesser known healthy, organic, sustainable,  or fair trade type companies. Bear has been really into "hippy stuff" lately so we just had a field day. 

Areeya Thai & Noodle Review

Thursday, May 16, 2013

BLUSH Box Review May sneak peak

So I am waiting for my Blush Box because it comes on Tuesday. The count down is on....only 5 more days as of now. Why am I so excited? Well last month I got over $253 of items I would actually want and possibly *gulp* even buy again. I know I know its hard to let yourself fall in love with high end items. BUT I have to say my hair has never been this soft. My hubby was like whoa today because it was noticeably different. So if you haven't read my post on Blush last month you can find it here April.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Compare Monthly Boxes


Name:Blush Mystery Beauty Box III 
Price: $24.95 a month ($34.95 one time) 
What is it: This box is advertised as containing $100 worth of beauty products but I got more than $253 in mine! 
Link or Coupon code? Post your email in comments section and I will send you a referral code to save $10
Bunny rating / Status: <3 <3 <3 !!! / Monthly Subscriber since April 30th of 2013
Reviews: April 2013 = $253 in product, May 2013= $90.80


Pop Sugar

Name: PopSugar
Price: $35/monthly discounts for longer subscriptions
What it is: Hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food. Full-size products and premium items
Link or Coupon Code? Be a pall and support me by using this Link if you decide to subscribe.
Bunny Rating? Love it I signed up on 5/8/13 and got my first box on 5/18/13
Reviews: May = $73 in product

Beauty Army

Price: $12 a month
What is it: Makeup and Skincare samples
Link or Coupon code? Link Be a pall and support my blog by using this link if you subscribe:)
Bunny rating / Status:  Surprisingly liked it / Trying out Monthly Subscriber since May 6th of 2013
ReviewsMay = $39 in product


Name: GlossyBox
Price: $21 a month
What is it: Makeup and Skincare samples
Link or Coupon code? Be a pall and support me by using this Link  Be if you decide to subscribe
Bunny rating / Status:  TBD  / Trying out Monthly Subscriber since April 29th of 2013
Reviews:  May In Transit


Name: BeautyFix
Price: $49.99 a season
What is it: Makeup and Skincare samples. You get to pick your samples!!!
Link or Coupon code? 
Bunny rating / Status:  Love it!/ Shipped in 6 days! 
Reviews:  May =$202 in product


Name: Ipsy
Price: $10/mo
What is it: Makeup and Skincare samples (Mostly Full size)
Link or Coupon code? Be a pall and support me by using this link if you decide to subscribe.
Bunny rating / Status: Love it! Member since 4/29/2013
Reviews: May  =$53 in product

Name: Birchbox
Price: $10/mo or discount for year sub
What is it: Makeup and Skincare samples
Link or Coupon code? Be a pall and support me by using this link if you decide to subscribe.
Bunny rating / Status: TBD
Reviews: May in mail

Love With Food

Name: Love With Food
Price: $10/mo 
What is it: Food
Link or Coupon code? Be a pall and support me by using this link if you decide to subscribe.
Bunny rating / Status: Bunny and Bear approved! Since 4/29/2013
Reviews: May  =$10 value in trying new stuff

*site contains referral links

Ipsy May Box - Part 1

Love with Food May + Just pay $2 first mo

Monday, May 6, 2013

House Party! REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party

When I first signed up for house party I had my doubts. I at first assumed it was one of those sites where you apply to rate a product and never get chosen or that the reward for surveys was too small to be worth your time. Boy was I wrong! 

Getting Chosen: 
I first applied for the following parties to host: 
Jan '13 --- Own’s™ You Glow Girl 2 House Party  ---Not Chosen
Jan '13 --- Duck Dynasty "Ducked Out" House Party ---Not Chosen
Jan '13 --- Meet Simple® and Celebrate MAKERS: Women Who Make America ---Not Chosen
Feb '13--- HP Wake Up Your Walls House Party ---Not Chosen
Feb '13 ---REDBOOK + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party- CHOSEN!!!!

YAY they picked me!!!

What happens next:
I was given another survey to confirm that I was interested and was required to send out a party invite to at least 12 guests within 30 minutes of the invite. I then started party planning and sent out invite emails to my friends.

Two days before the party I got this in the mail:  

What I got : 7 LBS of makeup, magazine, and 2 books = Value is well over $100. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The first subscription box I have ever ordered!!! - Klutch Valentines box

Just tried my first subscription box ever!!! Thanks hip2save for posting the deal. Here is the Klutch Valentines day box. Normal price $18 + $8 shipping. Used promo code for $16 off. Final Price $9!!